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Which Of The Following Sentences Demonstrates Proper Subject-Verb Agreement

Which of the following sentences shows the incorrect use of the verb chord subject A) Team members shout at each other to maintain their momentum after halftime. B) The entire Congress voted unanimously in favour of repealing the law. 2.What is the sentence of a relationship agreement with the subject? 1.niether harper still finns are the 2.Missouri and Illinois details are known states along the Mississippi River. 3.Either you or I am responsible for cleaning the house of this 1. Which of the following points is an example of accidental plagiarism? A. Submit a document written by a friend. B. Copy information from a source and identify as your own C. Summary of information without involving students will show competence in the use of the subject verb agreement. What are the sentences of a real verb accord topic? A. Grandmother and Aunt Louise receive a gift. Grandmother and Aunt Louise bought you a gift. C.

Grandma and Aunt Louise buy you a gift. D. Grandma and Aunt Louise always a good cook with the right equipment make the dicing of a simple onion appear. Teen Beat Club members Walter and Sam meet Monday night. The bus driver makes sure to check the dangers of the road. Nomen plural, but singular or plural in the construction «M » -z`lz» measles is a strange, because it seems plural, but it is not treated as singular. In fact, many teachers say it must be only singular, however, dictionaries disagree. Here are some dictionary entries: there are a few magazines on the rack, and you can borrow any of them. At the back of the bus is a box or bag of old clothes. Some problems with the behavior of dogs, such as the ditch. B, concern only the owner of the dog. Father asked, «Is the evening news at 5 or 6 o`clock? ADDED: Link to the Merriam Webster dictionary, which displays either a plural verbal or a verbal singularity, can be used with the word «measles.» Continuous barking over long periods of time is a sign that something is wrong.

The latest research on dog behaviour shows that it is important to establish clear rules. In-depth studies are needed on the new drug. Physics ends in «s,» but it has been treated like a singular nomun, so physics is right. Harriet or her parents join the local pantry every Saturday. Here are three phone directories; Maybe they have the right phone number. Many dogs, including last year`s first winner, were supported by the rules. One of the finalists, Mary Kilgore, became a famous movie star. Pork and Beans Restaurant serves antacids for their meals.

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