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You And The Seller Did Not Reach An Agreement

Article 43 After the buyer and seller have entered into a product return or exchange agreement, the sender`s address is identical to the sender`s address. If the return address or return method is to be changed, the buyer`s consent must be obtained, otherwise the seller may not deliver the products after they return. If the buyer has practical difficulties in requesting the return of products, Alibaba.com may require the seller to apply the product return procedures himself and the buyer will provide the necessary assistance. The termination of a sales contract without any eventuality usually means that the seller has the right to keep your deposit. In general, a serious money deposit is designed as a gesture of good faith and is filed with a signed sales contract to block your offer. But it also serves as an insurance policy for the seller. While contingency can be an important safety net for buyers, it is important that you meet your obligations as a buyer, or you risk losing your serious money deposit or being forced to buy the property. Your obligations include meeting the deadlines and deadlines set out in the sales contract. This is perhaps the most coveted next step in the process for most buyers.

For the purchase of a property, an offer is considered «contractual» if it has been accepted in writing and signed by both parties. This written contract is called a sales contract. In the unfortunate event that you and the seller fail to reach an agreement during the 15-day litigation period, you can file an application. Contact Seller and Open Dispute are steps you can talk to and negotiate with the seller. The final step in the process is the filing of a claim that degenerates to AliExpress. Article 41 If the buyer and seller agree to check the products after shipping to the destination or by buyer, the buyer must check the products within the agreed time frame. If it is established that the products have quality problems or that their quality is incompatible with the standards agreed in the sales contract, Alibaba.com supports the return of the products and the request for reimbursement or partial refund, and the costs resulting from the return of the products are the responsibility of the Seller and, if the buyer and seller enter into another agreement, this agreement is a priority. Currently, facebook Marketplace is only accessible to individuals and not to businesses. You probably buy from a private seller in the same way as if you were buying at a small ad in a local newspaper, and the «buyer attention» principle applies.

Article 37 When the seller is responsible for shipping the products and shipping the products by commercial express, the buyer checks the appearance of the exterior packaging of the products on site when the carrier delivers the products. If the products are damaged, the buyer should refuse the products after taking a photo as evidence; If the buyer requests the return of the products and/or the refund of the damage caused to the products after the receipt of the products, the buyer must present the certificate of damage issued by the carrier. If the buyer and seller accept the trial time and/or the test method separately, this agreement applies. If you are not heard by the seller or if you feel that negotiations are not progressing, you do not have to wait for the 15-day period to expire – you can file a claim within 3 days of opening a dispute. If the order you received is not described as described, please change the reason for your claim within 5 days or the system will release the money to the seller. If your contract is terminated for any reason other than the failure of the property or seller to perform an eventuality, the seller may generally withhold your serious deposit as compensation for their time in accordance with the terms of the contract.

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